SuperDuper UI Kit & Design System - Desktop

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Welcome to Superduper, a Figma UI Kit and design system

Digital Products & Design Systems, Fast!

Start every project fast, with 1000's of ready-made consistent, accessible UI components.

Never start from scratch again!

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Speed up & improve your design process

Packed with features that cater to both efficiency and creativity, it's the perfect ally for designers aiming to build exceptional digital products

✔ 1000's of Components: Endless design options with thousand’s of ready-to-use UI components for any project.

✔ Fully tokenised: Manage colours, spacing, and typography with a fully tokenised system.

✔ Atomic design: Build complex UIs easily with our modular design approach

✔ Inclusive design: Create accessible interfaces with optimised colours and contrast.

✔ Figma-enhanced: Boost your workflow using Figma's best practices like Variants, Auto Layout, and more.

✔ Adaptable modes: Switch seamlessly between light, dark, and wireframe themes.

✔ Fully documented: Get detailed documentation for every component and feature.

✔ Regular updates: Enjoy continuous updates for the latest in design.

Superduper's core features

Explore the powerful capabilities that make Superduper a standout choice for designers. From tokenisation to Figma best practices and versatile components, every feature is designed to enhance your design workflow


Fully tokenised for flexibility

Effortless customisation and consistency

Colour variables

Number variables

Light, dark & wireframe modes

Optimised for Figma efficiency

Leverage Figma's powerful features

Auto layout

Easy to customise & adjust

Robust components, ready for any challenge

Versatile, accessible, and user-friendly


Exposed nested instances



👉 Preview Superduper Desktop in Figma

Perfect For

➕ Beginner & Student Designers

➕ Experienced Senior Designers

➕ Design Teams

➕ Startups

➕ Agencies

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Superduper UI Kit & Design System
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SuperDuper UI Kit & Design System - Desktop

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